Nancy BramwellRevision Design Studio was founded by Nancy Bramwell.

After earning her BFA in Costume Design, Nancy opened Bramwell Designs, a special event décor business. Using fabric as her primary material, she created fantastical environments that wowed guests and lead a typical client to exclaim: “It’s one of the pleasures of my job to have an idea, turn it over to someone as talented and creative as you are, and get such a spectacular return product.”

In the mid-90s, one of her special event clients asked Nancy to create window treatments for her daughter’s room, and Nancy’s window coverings career was launched.  She hasn’t looked back.  Window coverings proved to be the ideal outlet for Nancy’s pursuits of perfection, creativity and innovation.

If you come to visit us, you’ll meet Velvet, the Australian Labradoodle. She will bring you all her toys and attempt to get you to play with her.

Tug-of-war is her favorite.